FAQ & Guest Policies 

Q I’ve never stayed at a B&B before, what can I expect at The Manse?
A  The Manse is technically an Inn, but operates like a B&B.  The most unique aspect is that we are a private building only accessible by our guests.  

We have a dedicated husband and wife team of innkeepers who live in a small cottage next door, the Mini Manse.  There is no front desk staff, no porters, no wait staff or bartenders.  We offer a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere where the only rules are “Be nice and Have Fun!”  Often Guests converse with other guests, and sometimes they don’t.  The best thing about The Manse is that you are not obligated to do either.


The property of The Manse is quite extensive with multiples places to sit and relax. We like to think of The Manse as an Oasis in the heart of Picton. Even though The Main st. is mere steps away, you wouldn’t know it.
We invite all of our guests to make themselves at home, The Manse doesn’t feel like a hotel.

Q What time is Check in and Check out?
A   4pm and 11am

Q How can I make a spa appointment?
You can view our services menu for guests of The Manse here.

Q Do any rooms have 2 beds?
A   All of our rooms have one queen bed. Our suite contains a queen bed and double pull out sofa.

Q Are children permitted at The Manse?
A  No, children under the age of 10 are not permitted at The Manse unless the entire building is booked to one group.  

Q Can you accommodate 3 people in one room?
A   We can accommodate 2 adults and either one adult or one child over the age of 10 in our suite, Room 6.  The suite has a queen bed and a separate sitting area which has a pullout sofa. There are additional fee of $50/night for a 3rd person in the room.

Q Are there fridges and coffee makers in the rooms?
A  No, We offer a butlers pantry for all guests to use. This pantry contains: A Fridge, Ice Machine, French presses, ground coffee a kettle, various teas, Cups, Plates, Silverware, Cutting boards, Plasticware for the poolside, Games and decks of cards, and a tuck shop with snacks, sodas and juices on a $1 honour system.

Q Is breakfast included? What is it?
A  Breakfast is included in all room rates. Breakfast is between 8:30-10am , we have a full service breakfast menu that guests can order from.

Q Can I have dinner at The Manse?
A  If you have had dinner service in the past, we will not be offering the same service. But will have an in house menu available 

Q Do you offer services for people not staying at The Manse?
A No, we are not a commercially zoned restaurant and are prohibited by County by-laws to do so.  We do offer catered event bookings in the dining room if you wish to book the dining room for a special event.

Q Can a group of friends or wedding guests book/block rooms together?
To ensure a quality experience for all guests, guests must inform us of their intention of booking multiple rooms. We will rent up to 3 guest rooms to one party.  The Manse does not offer block room or group bookings.  Any groups arriving to The Manse without informing staff of their group will be asked to leave the property immediately with no refunds. No exceptions.

Q Does The Manse offer wine tours?                           
A  We are able to arrange a wine tour for our guests through our external providers Please review a description of the tours here.

Q Can I bring my own alcohol by the pool and common areas?
A  The Manse is liquor Licensed. You may consume your own alcohol in your guest room and our 2nd level porte couchere balcony. To consume alcohol on the rest of the property, it must be purchased from The Manse. We have a large wine list as well as beer, cocktails, and other spirits.  We offer a corkage fee for wine at $15

Q Is the pool heated? When it is open?
A  Our pool is a heated saltwater pool. It is set at 80 degrees and is available for use from May to the end of October. The pool is heated from May 24 weekend to mid October depending on weather. The hot tub is open year round.

Q Can I bring friends to visit me?
A  The Manse is a private facility and we value and ensure comfort, privacy and intimacy for all guests. We do allow a small number of outside guests onto the property. Guests must be cleared with the innkeepers beforehand, and guests may be asked to leave at any time.

Q Does The Manse host Weddings?
A  No, The Manse does not offer Wedding Services or events on the property. 


Q Do I need to be vaccinated to stay at The Manse?

No, you do not need to be double vaccinated to book an overnight stay.  However,  unvaccinated guests may not use the indoor common space areas without a face mask on at all times.  This includes dining in the dining room, use of the spa services, and lounges.  A room service menu is available as well as outdoor dining  for unvaccinated guests.  If you have a medical exception for vaccination please inform us prior to arrival.  The Manse supports the choice of our spa providers to decline services for unvaccinated guests 

Guest Policies

Reservation Requirements
A valid credit card and a $25 non refundable deposit are required to reserve the room by a guest.  No room is confirmed without receiving confirmation from The Manse via email.  Potential guests must always reserve their own rooms for privacy reasons.  The Manse is not responsible for contact information entered incorrectly by a guest. 
Please note that there is a 2-3 night minimum stay at all times.  There will be no Saturday check ins. Long Weekends Require a 3 night minimum stay.

Cancellations Prior to Arrival
Cancellations of rooms and services must reach The Manse by 3pm local time seven days, per room booked-If you cancel 2 rooms, we require 14 days notice, 3 rooms 21 days, etc.

Rooms not booked on the same reservation but who are traveling together are held to the same cancellation policies. If you are travelling with friends please make sure that you are all aware of the extended policy  

Cancellations made greater than 7 days prior to arrival forfeit their $25 deposit 


Cancellations made less that 7 days ahead of arrival will be charged for all nights of the booking that we cannot rebook to another guest. 


No Refunds will be issued for early departure or no shows.


Modification of packages or any changes to pre ordered services (dinner, spa services, wine tours) are also non refundable 7 days prior to arrival 



Cancellations after Arrival

No Refunds will be issued for early departure Or no shows. Modification of packages or any changes to pre ordered services are also non refundable.


Payment must be received for accommodations upon check out.  Upon guest request, express check out may be provided.


Preferred payment is debit, cash or cheque, however payment is accepted by Visa or MC


Refunds will not be given for early departures, no shows, or last minute cancellations.  There is also no refunds/modifications for gift certificates.

Check in/Check Out
Check in is 4pm.  Check out is 11am.  It is required that you provide adequate identification upon arrival and arrive with the credit card initially provided to have any room charges placed upon it.  

Room Charges
Any and all services obtained throughout your stay are automatically added to your final bill.  At guest request, items may be paid for immediately following the service.

To ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all guests, Children under the age of 12 are NOT permitted at The Manse. Only room six can accommodate one child. The Manse cannot accommodate a family of 4 in one room.  

Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by parents at all times on the property and mandatory with no exceptions in the pool area. 

Visitors and Guests ** We temporarily will not permit guests in response to Covid -19
Lounges, common rooms, decks and outdoor areas are available for receiving visitors. A guest may only receive visitors with the consent of a Manse employee during the period from 10:00a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Total number of visitors cannot exceed the total number of registered guests (Except when a group has booked the Manse under a event booking)  Visitors are asked to leave the property by 10pm. Special prior arrangements may be made upon request.  Guests should not exceed the maximum capacity of The Manse.  The Manse reserves the right to ask any and all guests to leave the property at any time.

Guests with Impaired Mobility
The Manse is not wheelchair friendly and unable to offer complete access at this time. Where possible special facilities include wheelchair adapted bathrooms and ramps in public areas. Guide dogs are welcome. Please notify The Manse if you have any special requirements when booking and a significant amount of time prior to arrival. We will do our best to accommodate Your needs, but unfortunately can not accommodate every request. 

The Manse is unable to accommodate pets In the building. But welcome them on the property. The Manse has a small dog on site belonging to the innkeepers.  We are able to provide suitable boarding for your pets at another (close) location.


The Manse has a private parking lot available for its guests.  There is additional parking available on the street or in the Picton Municipal free parking about 2 blocks away.

Please note that The Manse is fully non smoking and vaping in all outdoor and indoor spaces.  This is a strict rule especially on our porte couchere and balcony rooms as the flooring is made from recycled tires and is easily damaged by fire.  Smoking in the rooms is strictly prohibited and subject to the cost of the cleaning of the room.  A designated outdoor smoking area is provided.  Violators will be subject to the provisions of the "Good Night Rest Policy"

Art Work
Art work displayed in guest rooms found to be damaged, stolen or in any other condition other than as a guest arrived will be subject to a fee, at the cost of the guest, to be determined by our featured artist.  If you arrive in your room and notice any damage, a guest must inform staff immediately.  

Gift Cards
All gift cards are paid in full and in advance. All certificates are either mailed or handed out in person at The Manse.  Once completed they are non refundable, not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used for contracted services such as wine tours and others.  Please contact staff if you are unsure. 
Gift cards purchased after April 1st, 2018 cannot be used solely for spa services. But can be used in combination with overnight stays. 

Changing Rooms
The Manse has different rates for one night stays and for longer stays. When The Manse cannot provide the same room on consecutive nights  due to bookings, two night or longer stays will be charged the 2 night rate. However when a guest requests to change rooms, the one night fee will apply to each night. 

Harassment of Staff And/or Guests
The Manse has a zero tolerance for sexual/racial/social/economic harassment at all times. Any guest displaying behaviours in which we deem unacceptable will be asked to leave the property immediately with no refund.

Re Covid -19

Any guests refusing to abide by our, and the ontario government, protocols for; - for social distancing - Personal Hygene - Arriving for their reservation while ill, or any other behaviours which we feel negativly affect the general health and safety of our staff and other guests. Will be asked to leave immediately with no refund or credit for return. 

Good Night Rest Policy
We are here to ensure your visit is pleasant and enjoyable.  In order to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests, The Manse enforces a Good Night Rest Policy in our guest rooms.  Maximum occupancy for all guest rooms is two people, our guest suite occupancy is three people.  The Manse enforces these maximum standards, (and is enforced by the Ontario fire code) and may ask any unregistered guest to vacate a room at any time.  Only registered guests are permitted to enter the building after 11pm.

If a disturbance is created, as a result of a party or noise from your room. Whether you are there or not, all guests in the room will be asked to leave the Inn, without any refund of any charges.  In addition, when complaints of noise in your room inconveniences other guests, we reserve the right to charge your account up to $500 for any rebates given to these guests as a result of their discomfort.

We reserve the right to charge the registered guest for any undue wear and tear on our guest rooms, suites, or common areas.  If we are alerted that a guest may be in violation of this policy we reserve the right to withhold a deposit and/or charge your account pending a review of the condition of the guest room, suite or common area.

Please understand that these guidelines are in place to ensure every guest enjoys a peaceful and pleasant stay in our Inn.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.