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History of the Manse


The United Church in Picton began as a Methodist church in 1793. Three churches have occupied this site...the current stone structure was built in 1898 at a cost of $23,600.  The church is of Gothic architecture, in the early English style with a clock and bell tower. In 1906 the stone parsonage adjacent to the church was completed at a cost of $6300. (The Stone Church Alan R. Capon, and Picton United Church.1993)

This specatular building was purchased in October of 2008, and the parsonage, known locally as the Manse, began an extensive renovation to become an eight room inn.  The parsonage was in rough condition at the time of purchase as it had not been in use for some years.  Due to religious austerity and cost factors, limestone block was only used for the walls facing the church with the other walls being concrete block. It became the owners challenge to make the back of the Manse be as beautiful as the front.

The interior of the structure was laid bare, structural walls were corrected, the basement was floor was dropped by a foot, new dormers were added on the third floor, a secondary fire safety staircase was added, and finally each room was meticulously re-built to todays safety code standards.  Every effort was made to ensure the historical accuracy of additional elements such as the new porte cochere and the porch details.  

Prince Edward County seemed the perfect choice to create a destination hospitality business due to the exponential growth of Canada's newest wine region.  The Wine Trail, Arts Trail and Food Trail marketing efforts were a boon to this area.  

The Manse opened for business in May of 2012.

old doorbell in the Manse
The Manse when purchased
wall damage in the Manse
nob and tube wiring
construction of eyebrow window over entrance deck
old photot church and manse.
old photo methodist church
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