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"Welcome to your true spa and beauty oasis !  It's closer than you think"

Bohemian Beauty

spa massage

The Manse has partnered with the trendsetting company, Bohemian Beauty, to provide mobile wellness and beauty day services.  Calista Stephens and her team provide luxury, quality and professionally certified services directly in-room to our guests.  

In-Room Spa

Each Manse guest room can accommodate different in-room spa services.  If you are planning a spa treatment please determine spa treatment availability for your preferred room.

Services for the Manse include massages (not RMT), manicures, facials, body treatments, and reflexology.

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Spa Treatment Availability

Room 1- all services,  in-room single treatment table, on-balcony single treatment table

Room 4-in-room facial, manicure;  on-balcony all services and single treatment table

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